Operation Game – 24 Student Classroom Pack

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Product Description

In this activity, students will learn about series and parallel circuits, conductors, insulators and buses while they have fun building their own Operation game! This activity is designed to be a quick and fun introduction to electric circuits. Students work in teams of two or more. Pack includes enough materials for 24 teams of two students.

This pack includes:

  • Foam Core (24)
  • Foil
  • LED (24)
  • Glue Sticks (5)
  • Resistors (12)
  • Instructions
  • Cow Picture (12)
  • Machine Screws (36)
  • Washers and Nuts (60)
  • Battery Holders (12)
  • Buzzers (12)
  • Tweezers (12)
  • Wire (red and black)
  • Saw Blades (3)
  • Beans

* wire strippers, screwdriver and ruler not included.

Based on activity in Teaching Engineering Made Easy 2. Adapted from an activity by Machine Science

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