Teaching Engineering Made Easy Resource Kit

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Product Description

This easy to use kit has been updated and improved! Unique materials and tangible resources make this perfect for the teacher that wants to save time and get on the fast track teaching engineering activities. Makes every engineering classroom come alive!

  • Introduce engineering and get your students motivated by showing the DVD “Engineers Can Do Anything!”
  • Follow it up with easy and dynamic lessons and activities to actively engage students in learning about engineering and our technological world. By applying creativity and innovation, they will complete the projects in Teaching Engineering Made Easy.
  • Provide classroom resources and get yourself up to speed with Is There an Engineer Inside You? and “Engineering: Go For It!”
  • Inspire girls with Ideas in Action!
  • Decorate yourself with an Engineering pin.
  • Comes in a string envelope for easy organization.

Comes complete with:

  • Teaching Engineering Made Easy, Vol 1 (book)
  • Engineers Can Do Anything! (DVD-20 min)
  • Is There an Engineer Inside You? (Engineering and Engineering Technology Career Reference)
  • Engineering: Go For It!
  • Ideas in Action: A Girl’s Guide to Careers in Engineering (booklet)
  • Engineering pin
  • String Envelope for Easy Organization

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