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Host an Engineering Exploration Day Workshop at Your Location

Bring the Engineering Exploration Day (EED) Workshop, facilitated by Celeste Baine, to your location. Celeste Baine is a biomedical engineer, the author of over 20 books on engineering education and careers, and the director of the Engineering Education Service Center based in Eugene, Oregon. She was acknowledged for her outstanding accomplishments in motivating and inspiring students to pursue careers in engineering. Winner of the Norm Augustine Award, Ms. Baine is credited for being an outstanding contributor to the nationwide efforts to increase engineering student enrollment.

The EED is for middle school boys or girls and a parent.



Engineering Exploration Day, modeled after the Mother/Daughter TEA, is a one day event that provides middle school students with a tremendous opportunity to complete hands-on activities and interact with an engineering professional to learn about valuable, high-wage opportunities in the engineering industry. Engineering Exploration Day was founded to encourage students to take an interest in pursuing a career in the engineering industry.

The idea for organizing this event came from the belief that a supportive environment at home that encourages engineering and technological careers offers students an extraordinary opportunity to develop STEM interests and aspirations.


The day includes:

  1. All materials needed to engage no more than 40 parent/child teams in hands-on engineering activities for the entire workshop. These activities parallel real-world engineering tasks and problem-solving opportunities. Activities are customizable but usually include solving problems, building tabletop hovercrafts, designing towers, helmets or cranes.
  2. Fabulous prizes.
  3. A copy of Is There an Engineer Inside You? for each student.
  4. A copy of Teaching Engineering Made Easy for each teacher that attends (up to four).


Host Organization Responsibilities

As the host, you are responsible for providing the workshop location, marketing, inviting and registering students and parents, and providing morning snacks and lunch.

Events are usually held on Saturday from 9:00am-1:00pm or 10:00am-2:00pm.



West of the Mississippi River: $3795 + $80 shipping + travel expenses.
East of the Mississippi River: $4195 + $90 shipping + travel expenses.


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