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Visiting a classroom this year? Use this kit to do a hands-on activity with students and award prizes.

Use this kit to have students create tabletop hovercrafts during your visit! Kit is pre-packaged with 25 baggies of CDs, balloons and pop-tops. You simply walk into the room, get the students excited and hand out a baggie of materials to each team of students (up to 25). In engineering design, you don't tell them how to build it, they figure out how to build and design their hovercraft in 30 minutes. Full instructions are included.

55 Minute Visit Scenario:

  1. Welcome and introduction (2 min)
  2. Talk about what you do and why you enjoy engineering (5 min)
  3. Students make hovercrafts (20 minutes)
  4. Hovercraft testing (10 minutes)
  5. Questions (10 min)
  6. Give students an engineering pin to remember your awesome visit (comes with a set of 36 engineering pins.) (3 min)


Comes complete with:

  • Hovercraft Materials (25 pre-packaged kits)
  • Eweek Guide to Getting Started and Motivating Students
  • Set of 36 engineering pins for student give-aways

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