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Visiting a classroom this year? Use this kit to play Engineering Bingo and award prizes.

This version of Engineering Bingo is a great way to educate students about different careers in engineering. Questions cards ask students: "What kind of engineer designs roller coasters?", What kind of engineer works at a chocolate company?, What kind of engineer explores the depths of the ocean?, etc. By targeting your questions, you will find out if students know the different engineering career choices available. In this game, you may find that there is more than one answer to several questions. Depending on the level of your students, you can either ask them to choose the “best” answer or play a less structured game and let them choose any answer that may be correct. Feel free to add or substitute your own questions to tailor the game to fit your needs. Game includes 25 laminated Bingo cards.

45 Minute Visit Scenario:

  1. Welcome and introduction (2 min)
  2. Talk about what you do and why you enjoy engineering (10 min)
  3. Questions (10 min)
  4. Play a few rounds of Engineering Bingo (20 min)
  5. Give students an engineering pin to remember your awesome visit (comes with a set of 36 engineering pins.) (3 min)


Comes complete with:

  • Engineeirng Bingo (25 laminated Bingo cards, 450 bingo chips, and question pack)
  • Eweek Guide to Getting Started and Motivating Students
  • Set of 36 engineering pins for student give-aways

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