High Tech Hot Shots: Careers in Sports Engineering

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Product Description

This inspiring guide contains:

  • Over 20 sports engineering career profiles that highlight new opportunities.
  • inspirational, real-life success stories
  • Explanations of how engineering innovation can play a major role in athletic success and broaden your horizons.
  • A “Getting Started” chapter that tells how you can ease the transition from student to successful engineer.
  • Employer web sites and contact information for every sport and a large recommended reading section that connects you to sports engineering.

Consider this book a gateway, as it presents possibilities that might not have been imagined. Explore what types of engineers are involved in over a dozen sports, from “Extreme” sports like skateboarding to more traditional sports like tennis and get advice from engineers about how to succeed as a sports engineer. This book is like no other career book available. The opportunities are endless and the sporting goods industry offers a very creative and fun way to spend your days as an engineer. Many engineers in this industry say that it is exciting to be the first person to test the equipment they just designed!


About the Author

Celeste Baine, a biomedical engineer and award-winning author of over 20 books on engineering education and careers, has devoted her life to the advancement of the engineering profession. She won the Norm Augustine Award from the National Academy of Engineering and the American Society for Engineering Education’s Engineering Dean Council’s Award for the Promotion of Engineering Education and Careers. She is listed on the National Engineers Week website as one of 50 engineers you should meet and she has been named one of the Nifty-Fifty individuals who have made a major impact on the field of engineering by the USA Science and Engineering Festival.

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