Women in Engineering: The Best Kept Secret to Changing the World (DVD)

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Length: 25 Minutes

Release Date: September 30, 2007

Target Audience: Ages 12+. Younger students can also benefit by watching it with a teacher or parent.

Rated E (Everyone)

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DVD Description:
From the Back Cover

Engineering is humanitarian, caring and possibly the most effective, hands-on approach to make the world a better place. Women in Engineering: The Best Kept Secret to Changing the World! is a must-see video. Featuring women engineers from companies all over the United States, this video offers middle and high school girls encouragement to pursue engineering. An eye-opener for all girls, you hear first hand, the experiences and advice of engineers that have paved the way. See engineering in a new and fascinating light! Infused with music and narrated by award winning author Celeste Baine, this DVD is sure to deliver the facts about amazing and bountiful opportunities in engineering.Women in Engineering: The Best Kept Secret to Changing the World! will change the way you see engineering and show you how being an engineer could be one of the best things you ever do.


This DVD provides insight into the world of engineering for anyone who wants to be inspired but doesn’t know how to start, have time to start, or doesn’t want to sift through the maze of engineering career web sites and literature. Women in Engineering: The best kept secret to changing the world! is designed to enable everyone to uncover the rewards of an engineering career.

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