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C’s Mechanical Engineering Blast Off Laboratory! is the quick and easy way to get started teaching engineering. Bring mechanical engineering into the late elementary, middle school and early high school classroom without the hassle of rounding up materials. Each activity is considered a “challenge”. Students are given limited materials to promote creativity within a set of engineering constraints. Time saving and convenient, this lab is out of this world! Based on activities in Teaching Engineering Made Easy.

This 25 student pack includes:

  • How Do I Hover– 25 Student Blast Pack
    • This experience enables students to engage in an open inquiry where process skills and higher order thinking are needed to complete the challenge. Students work cooperatively to design a small, table-top hovercraft that behaves in the same manner as its real-world counterpart. Students work in teams of two.
  • Indy Car– 25 Student Blast Pack
    • Using only materials provided, students work cooperatively while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills. A limited number of materials are made available therefore providing a certain level of difficulty that the students must overcome in order to complete the challenge of constructing a functional car.
  • Hydraulic Crane – 25 Student Blast Pack
    • Given limited materials and engineering constraints, students learn how to use the engineering design process to design and construct a hydraulic crane that can pick up a paperclip.
  • Totally Tops – 25 Student Blast Pack
    • This mechanical engineering activity has students move through three phases of inquiry as they learn about tops. Students gain critical insight into how tops work in order to design and test their own version of a top! Students work individually or in teams of two.
  • Catapult– 25 Student Blast Pack
    • Using only the materials given and a set of engineering constraints, students work in teams to design a catapult or “flinger” that can throw a large marshmallow into a bucket two meters away.
  • 25 Sets of Student Worksheets
  • High Tech Hot Shots: Careers in Sports Engineering by Celeste Baine
  • The Green Engineer: Engineering Careers to Save the Earth by Celeste Baine

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