Chemical Engineering Blast Off Laboratory

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Product Description

C’s Chemical Engineering Blast Off Laboratory! is the quick and easy way to get started teaching engineering. Bring chemical engineering into the late elementary, middle school and early high school classroom without the hassle of rounding up materials. Time saving and convenient, this lab is out of this world! Based on activities in Teaching Engineering Made Easy.

This chemical lab includes:

  • Playful Polymers – 25 Student Blast Pack
  • Colorful Concoctions – 25 Student Blast Pack
  • Writing with Style – 25 Student Blast Pack
  • Reactionary Rockets – 25 Student Blast Pack
  • Inflation Station – 25 Student Blast Pack
  • 25 Sets of Student Worksheets
  • The Green Engineer: Engineering Careers to Save the Earth by Celeste Baine

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