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The University of Delaware Online Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Online MS in Cybersecurity

High Schooler's Guide to Preparing for a top Engineering College - As tomorrow’s engineers, we hope you will use this as a resource during your high school years. From freshman to senior year, these tips can help you track your progress and manage expectations, from taking the right math courses to preparing your engineering college application. - Our mission is to help students (or other aspiring professionals) understand what it takes to land their perfect career, from picking the right school all the way to climbing the company ladder. We are passionate about creating a one-stop, comprehensive resource that can guide individuals through each of the steps they need to take to begin, further, or change their career path. Features computer, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Mechatronics and Robotics Sites - Mechatronics has applications in manufacturing, aeronautics, and any other industry that relies on automation. It is not only intellectually stimulating, but offers a wide array of job opportunities in academic and industrial settings. Anyone with an engineering mindset and a broad set of interests could find endless rewarding challenges in the field of mechatronics, and as robotics continue to gain popularity in manufacturing, military, and even home-use applications, there will be no shortage of jobs in the industry. There are sites here that cater to advanced mechatronics students and professionals, as well as those just starting out. This is not a ranking list, since the info presented covers such diverse territory across the disciplines of mechatronics, robotics, haptics, and electrical engineering overall.

National Girls Collabrorative Project - Encouraging girls to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

20 Tips for Engineering Students - Getting your engineering degree is a ticket to rewarding careers, and sometimes a handsome paycheck. But before you enter the field as a professional engineer, some serious studying, a few late nights, and a few tips to get you through your first year are in order.

Fire Science Online, an organization dedicated to providing career and education information for the Fire Science community, recently launched career and education guides focused on public service and safety careers including firefighting, law enforcement, forestry, and paramedics to name a few.  Each guide contains career and salary information, a school search tool, internships, scholarships, and other related educational information.  In addition, we have rich content sections on Fire Science education, safety resources and a fire department and academy search tool.  Our resources are always free and we continue to keep the site non-commercial and non-for-profit.  

Accredited and Affordable Online Colleges - Our organization recently published a resource for students seeking accredited online degree-granting universities.  Historically, online learning has been dominated by for-profit institutions which have played an important role in the post-secondary ecosystem.  Today, more and more traditional colleges are offering degree programs online to meet the needs of a more diversified student population.  Universities such as Oregon State, University of Illinois, and Penn State are fantastic examples of how a traditional colleges can adapt to meet changing needs and technology availability.  While we try to be fair to all accredited institution types, our resource focuses more heavily on the not-for profit programs.  It is critical that we point students towards accredited programs to ensure transferability of credits and financial aid eligibility. On our page, users can find schools based on state, subject, degree level and religious affiliation.  On many of these pages, we created affordability rankings to help students find value in post-secondary education and limit the need for burdensome school loans.

The National Research Center for College & University Admissions™ (NRCCUA®) -- NRCCUA operates the nation’s largest college and career planning program, My College Options.  NRCCUA is a non-profit educational research organization based in Lee’s Summit, MO.  For 38 years, NRCCUA has conducted the largest nationwide survey of high school students, which serves as a communications link between college-bound high school students and public and private colleges and universities.

Syracuse University Online - Offers Master of Science degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Engineering Schools and Colleges Search-- This site contains lots of information on various colleges offering engineering degree programs throughout the USA.

AcademicInfo-- Have you ever wanted to get an engineering degree online? AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Lots of resources here.

Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities-- Includes utilities for solving the Quadratic, Cubic, and Quartic Equations; solving N Equations in N Unknowns; Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; Cubic Spline Interpolation, Linear Least-Squares Data Fitting, and more.

Electrical Engineering Reference-- This webpage is for those who have already learned EE and need a quick reference.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog-- A great blog about engineering for students and teachers.

EngineeringK12 Center-- Created by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), the EngineeringK12 Center provides students, parents and educators with the most effective engineering education resources available to the K-12 community.

National Engineering Technology Education Clearinghouse-- This site is a great resource for all technology and engineering students, faculty, and industry. Here you can find exemplary materials in the field of Engineering Technology from course materials to journal articles in our digital library, get connected with experts and programs through our professional services, and join a virtual community with others in the field of engineering technology by participating in our online forum. NETEC is provided as a service of NJCATE and is supported by the National Science Foundation.

National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME) -- Educators can find curriculum, learning activities, nationwide events, links and web seminars focused on enhancing manufacturing education. NCME was established through the National Science Foundation.

Sloan Career CornerStone Center-- SCCC is a resource center for those interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our comprehensive education, networking, job hunting, and career planning resources revolve around personal interviews with over 400 individuals who offer candid insight into their career paths.

Tufts University Bridge Library-- This library of bridge models is used to foster outreach to schools, interest in K-12 education by current college students, and awareness of architecture and design in our communities.

Cramster - Study community for homework help for college and high school students in Physics, Math, Science and Engineering.

GradeBook - Easy to use, feature packed, gradebook/grading software for teachers. This grade book includes a large number of reports to enhance your professionalism as a teacher.

IEEE Virtual Museum-- The IEEE Virtual Museum (the VM) is premised on the belief that knowing what was increases our understanding of what is. How were different technologies developed? How did they work? Who developed them and why? How did they change the world and how did the world, in turn, change them? And, most importantly, what comes next?

The ongoing goal of the IEEE VM is to enhance public understanding of the scientific, mathematical, engineering, and technological principles of electrical and information sciences and place these technologies within their social and historical context. Current exhibits include, Socket to Me: How Electricity Came to Be!, Microwaves: From Your Kitchen to the Edges of the Universe, and Powering the Electrical Revolution: Women and Technology.

EE contains tools, educational aides and advice to assist Electrical and Electronics Engineers in improving their skill sets and managing and promoting their careers. The site is specifically targeted at engineering professionals, educators and students.

Graduating Engineer-- career site and online resource for entry-level engineering and computer science graduates. Site features job postings, interview and resume advice for technical grads, engineering & technology news, profiles of great companies, graduate school information, industry trend reports, regional job market info on growing cities, feature articles on technology and business, and more.

Hot Math-- Math isn't so hard with Hot Math help. Hotmath uniquely helps students understand the actual homework problems they are assigned from textbooks. Students can go to, click on their textbook, and then select page and problem number to begin a teacher-prepared tutorial for the exact problem they need help with.

College Toolkit's One-Stop College & Scholarship Resource -- allows students to find and apply for scholarships, search through a database of more than 4,000 colleges, and explore 900 careers all in one location. It is one of the most comprehensive sites for life after high school... and everything on the site is free for students to use!

CollegeLink-- provides a range of pre-college articles, resources, and services, including college searches, test-preparation, tips for getting into top schools, finding scholarships, electronic college applications, and more. Free.

Testpedition - A Test Expedition-- Testpedition is your full resource for gaining information on your next exam. We provide you with the details as well as test taking tips.

GED-- PassGED offers GED preparation tests, GED online courses, GED practice tests, GED pretest, GED lesson plans and High School Diploma Online

Engineers Edge-- Our mission is to be the preferred online destination for designers, engineers and manufacturing professionals. A place where all can quickly find a variety of information to aid in the solution of typical and complex problems. We strive to be your online choice to find technical information, products and training on the web and beyond.

Ed Heads-- A series of activities on simple and compound machines for grades 2-6. Tested by a team of 10 teachers and over 300 student volunteers.

The Engineers' Club-- The Engineers' Club is a place where engineers from around the world can meet electronically, be of assistance and support of one another as well as share software.

Students HQ-- Student Resource Directory.

Backyard Imagineering-- Building "Disney-like" effects can be really quite simple. The projects are fun and can easily be made at home. You, too, can have the best of Disneyland in your own backyard.

College Degrees Search-- College Degrees Search is a college search engine. We provide college searches & college major search capabilities for the top / best colleges with degree programs. Directory

National Engineers Week

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