100,000 Book Give Away

celeste-ritJoin the Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) as an Official National Partner in the 100,000 Book Give Away and reach over 100,000 students and educators who share your interest in, and commitment to, engineering and engineering technology education.



15 years ago, while a biomedical engineering student at Louisiana Tech University, I wrote the First Edition of Is There an Engineer Inside You?: A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering. It was the book that I wished I'd had when I wanted to go to engineering school.

Across the nation, 30-40 percent of students drop out of engineering each year. Is There an Engineer Inside You?: A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering can help.

Give this book to every student who wants to study engineering or engineering technology!This book has been the #1 engineering career book at Amazon and a high-ranking career guide for over a decade. It was recently positively peer-reviewed by over 50 engineering and engineering technology professors and is the most comprehensive book on engineering careers in the marketplace. The new Fourth Edition covers 38 different types of engineering and engineering technology, how to succeed in engineering school, women and minorities in engineering, engineering careers that make you say "wow!", salary information and much more.

But just having a published book is not enough. I've made it my personal goal and mission in life to give away 100,000 or more copies over five years, to students that want to go to college to study engineering or engineering technology. This will include both printed and downloadable copies.


Why I'm Doing This Book Give Away

I am completely committed to making a difference in the world. I think about it before I fall asleep and it gets me out of bed every morning.

Engineering school is the best thing I ever did for myself. It enabled me to feel like I leap tall buildings in a single bound, run faster than a steaming locomotive, and have the ability to solve any problem that comes my way. I do what I do because I think that an engineering education can take you anywhere you want to go. It's a great launching pad for the rest of your life because it will help you in everything that you do and want to do.

Engineering is:

Help me get this book into the hands of every student that want to study engineering or engineering technology. It can't benefit students that never see it!


How Books are Distributed (two ways)

1. Students that show an inclination towards engineering by attending the championship events of engineering competitions will be targeted to receive free books.

A minimum of four competitions or events each year will receive up to 1000 free printed books. Possible events include the USA Science and Engineering Festival, FIRST Robotics, Mathcounts, Future City, BEST Robotics, Bridge Building Competition, Design Squad, Solar Car Challenge, ToyChallenge, SeaPerch and/or any other national event.

Previous editions of Is There an Engineer Inside You? have been distributed at competitions such as Mathcounts, SeaPerch, The Bridge Building Contest, FutureCity and BEST Robotics.


2013-2014 Competition or Event Distribution Plans

  1. BEST Robotics National Championships (four events - Nov and Dec 2013)
  2. USA Science and Engineering Festival (April 2014)
  3. Seaperch National Challenge
  4. AbilityOne High School Design Challenge (Feb 2014)


2. A customized copy of the book (updated yearly) will be offered as a free download on each partner's website. This can increase website traffic and also provide local involvement and a positive community service.


Partnership Benefits

As a partner in this program you will get:

  1. A ¼ page recruitment ad in the back of the printed and pdf book editions.  This has the potential of reaching 100K or more students over a five year period.
  2. A customized copy of the book (updated yearly) that can be offered as a free download on your website. This can increase your website traffic and also provide local involvement and a positive community service.
  3. Forty (40) printed books (one case) per year to give away at your conferences, events and/or competitions ($1000 value).
  4. Piggyback on a National Media Campaign.


Don't delay!  Space is limited. Be a part of helping 100,000+ students make an informed decision!  There are only 32 spaces available! Once it's full, that's it!


Cost Options

1. Five Year Partnership

$2000/year. This includes your recruitment or informational ad in the back of the book, your website copy and one case of books per year to distribute any way that you choose.

I will personally match every dollar contributed to this program (up to $10,000) in the form of storage, shipping, coordinating events, making contacts and the travel associated with freely distributing the book.

Download the Five Year Partnership Proposal


2. One Year Partnership

$2200/year. This includes your recruitment or informational ad in the back of the book, your website copy (expires August 31 of each year) and one case of books to distribute any way that you choose.

Download the One Year Partnership Proposal


3. Donate to the 100,000 Book Give Away

Donate any amount to help students choose engineering or engineering technology as a career path.

For every $5 donated, one additional student will receive a book.

For each $500 donated, you may specify which competition or event will receive your books. For example, a minimum of four national competitions/events will each receive up to 1000 books. If you donate $500, the competition of your choice will receive an additional 100 books (1100 total).

Each year, when all the books have been distributed, a report indicating who received the books will be generated and posted on this page.


Once you have paid for your first year, you will receive your website copy. This will be a pdf that your website visitors can download to their ipad, laptops or personal computers for reading and/or printing. There are no restrictions. They may forward it to other people - that's ok too.


Time Table

Deadline for participating as a partner for the 2014-2015 school year has been extended to August 9, 2014.

The books will be printed in late August for distribution in the beginning of the school year (September/October).


Get started now!

Become a partner in 3 easy steps.

1. Sign and return the Five Year Partnership Proposal or the One Year Partnership Proposal via email or fax to 541-988-1008.

2. Pay your invoice with a Purchase Order or with a credit card using our online system below.

3. Submit your ad - 4.25" x 2.25" (portrait orientation). The printed book is gray scale but the web copy is in color so please submit both color and identical gray scale ads. No less than 300 dpi. We prefer psd, ai, eps, jpg or pdf file formats.

Once your ad is submitted we will create and forward your website copy.

One Year Partnership

Each year comes with an ad in the back of the book, a customized copy for your website and one case of 40 books each year.

Partner in the Big Book Give-Away


More Partner Benefits

Deep Discounts - As a partner in the program, you will be eligible to purchase additional books to encourage engineering careers for further distribution in your region for only $5 each. Not only will you be able to offer students the ability to download the book, you can also give the printed version to your local libraries, colleges, high schools, teachers, guidance counselors, parents and mentors.

Book Reviews

The Science Teacher
“This book is an excellent resource for a high school career counselor or any student interested in becoming an engineer.”

Midwest Book Review
“Engineering students are disillusioned and dropping out: this provides a practical introduction to would-be engineers covering the basics of what studies are needed, how to make it through engineering school, and career opportunities which exist for engineers. A practical manual exploring the realities of work and career potentials.”

Today’s Librarian
"Hopeful engineers now have a guide to succeeding in the field."

Engineering Times
“New book helps students choose engineering.”

American Society for Engineering Education, Prism Magazine
“Author and biomedical engineer leads students through the engineering marketplace and offers insight on engineering education."

Satisfied Customer
“Interesting and in-depth information to aid career decisions. This is a ‘must have’ book for anyone considering an engineering career. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who wonders what exactly it is that engineers do and whether or not they would like doing it. School counselors will also find the book very useful.”

Lifelines Newsletter
“The perfect reference on choosing an engineering discipline and guiding you to success.”

Tech Directions: Linking Education to Careers
“The book features no-nonsense smarts about why getting an engineering degree may be the best thing a person could do for herself.”


Author Note

I’ve poured my heart and soul into writing over 20 books and various training materials for schools and universities. I’ve given keynotes and presentations at 100+ colleges and conferences and lead 50+ Mother/Daughter engineering workshops. I train K-12 teachers how to teach engineering and have worked with school counselors too. For this work, I’ve received the ASEE Engineering Dean’s Council Award for the Promotion of Engineering Education and Careers and also the National Academy of Engineering’s Norm Augustine Award for engineering communications.

I won't stop until 100,000 or more students have access to this book!

We are ¼ of the way there in making this happen for the next school year. Please help me reach my goal of giving away 100,000 books!

I can't think of anything more worthy than celebrating each student’s desire to enroll in engineering or engineering technology school.


The Book Give Away is Made Possible By Our Partners


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