Oregon Camps

The following camp directory lists some of the summer camps for K-12 students in engineering throughout the United States and Canada that are and were previously offered. The directory lists camps that have been hosted by Universities and research centers in the past. Please note that all camps may not be offered every year and that new camps and programs are currently being added. Old or unsuccessful programs are always being eliminated or modified. A substantial number of programs specifically target minorities, women, and other groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. The programs offered change frequently, and this database is not comprehensive. This is only meant to be a guide to aid your search for engineering education preparation tools. Many of the programs offer scholarships and may have application deadlines as early as January. If you are interested in a program, please email, call or write the organization listed for an application and the most current information available.

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iD Tech Camps: Code, Game, Create!
Develop real-world tech skills and experience firsthand how interests can turn into a college degree and future career. Led by hip, tech-savvy instructors, ages 7-17 code apps, design video games, mod with Minecraft, engineer robots, build websites, produce films, and more. Curriculum is delivered in small clusters of just 8 students per instructor for personalized learning. Optional Accredited Continuing Education Units issued by Villanova are available.
These weeklong, day and overnight STEM summer programs are held at 100+ campuses nationwide including Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and others.
iD Tech also offers iD Programming Academy (for teens), iD Game Design & Development Academy (for teens), Alexa Café (all-girls STEM program), and iD Tech Mini (half/full day for ages 6-9).
Questions? We’d be happy to help! Call: 1-888-709-8324
Email: info@iDTech.com
Web site:  www.iDTech.com

NW Advanced Programming Workshop
Summer Program in Advanced Computing

The NW Advanced Programming Workshop summer program is a three-week, intensive, project-based workshop for high school students who are genuinely excited about programming, who can program in Java or C++ at the level of AP Computer Science or higher, and want to take their skills to the next level.  The workshop will introduce students to selected advanced programming topics, as well as team programming techniques used by industry professionals (e.g., Linux scripting, unit testing, online code repositories, and “agile" software methodology).
Prior to the workshop, students will form teams, each of which will select an application.   Some examples might be a networked multi-player game, a system that learns from examples to recognize faces or objects in photographs, or a controller for a networked set of appliances (i.e., controlling an "internet of things").  The workshop setting will allow for individual and group instruction, extended teamwork, and guest lectures from PSU computer science faculty.   Students will come away from this workshop with a set of advanced programming and teamwork skills that will help prepare them for upper-level college courses, internships, and building their own innovative applications. NWAPW is being held in collaboration with the computer science department at Portland State University.
Website: nwapw.org

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science, Saturday Academy
Apprenticeship in Science and Engineering

8 full time weeks of work and study with a mentor (at their site) in various fields of science and engineering. Mentors interview and select apprentices in March. Start and end dates are flexible but must occur during the summer school break. Participation in two conferences is mandatory. Housing is the responsibility of apprentices and parents, should the apprentice be selected for a position beyond commuting distance.
Contact: Ms. Molly Schmitz, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science, Saturday Academy, Portland, OR 97291-1000 (503-748-1395)
Email: mschmitz@admin.ogi.edu
Web site: http://www.ogi.edu/satacad

Oregon Institute of Technology
LEGO - Beginner's Day Camp  
Ages: 8 – 12 years (minimum age is 8; no previous experience)
With our large collection of LEGOs, our students build simple to complicated structures, vehicles and objects. The experience is fun and exciting and they learn lifelong skills and make new friends! While building, they learn the fundamental principles of engineering, enhance personal creativity, learn to collaborate with other students and create without fear of mistakes. Each day students build upon the skills they learned the previous day, preparing them for the next level of LEGO class (Intermediate).
Contact: 541-885-1844
Email: youthprograms@oit.edu
Web site: http://www.oit.edu/academics/youth-programs/summer-camp/lego-camps

Oregon Institute of Technology
LEGO - Intermediate Day Camp
Ages: 8 - 12 years (minimum age is 8; and previous experience required)
With our large collection of LEGOs and brand new infrared remotes and additional motors, students apply the concepts and principles learned in the beginner camp to complete new projects (steerable vehicles, sumo bots and battle bots). The experience is fun and exciting and they learn lifelong skills and make new friends! Each day students build upon the skills they learned the previous day, preparing them for the next level of LEGO class (Robotics).
Contact: 541-885-1844
Email: youthprograms@oit.edu
Web site: http://www.oit.edu/academics/youth-programs/summer-camp/lego-camps

Oregon Institute of Technology
LEGO - Robotics Day Camp
Ages: 10 - 14 years (minimum age is 10; previous experience required)
The Robotics experience is exciting and challenging. Students will learn lifelong skills and make new friends! Hands-on learning and challenges will introduce students to programming, physics and scientific principles. Students will work in teams and at the completion of the Robotics camp, will have built their own automated LEGO project.
Contact: 541-885-1844
Email: youthprograms@oit.edu
Web site: http://www.oit.edu/academics/youth-programs/summer-camp/lego-camps

Oregon State University
STEM Academy
Grades: 3-12, as of Fall 2015
June – August, Summer 2015

STEM Academy @ Oregon State University will be hosting 30 different STEM Summer Camps during the summer of 2015. Topics include: Computing, Biochemistry, Engineering,  Lego Robotics, Forestry, Bioinformatics, Ecology, Marine Genetics, and more! These camps offer students a unique opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful hands-on activities under the direction of experienced faculty, students, and professionals. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE to all students who qualify. For more information or to register online please contact the STEM Academy @ OSU office: 541-737-8139, STEM.academy@oregonstate.edu, http://academy.engr.oregonstate.edu.
Contact: Dr. Cathy Law, Director, STEM Academy @ OSU
Email: catherine.law@oregonstate.edu
Website: http://academy.engr.oregonstate.edu

Oregon State University
Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth (SESEY)

The Summer Experience in Science and Engineering for Youth (SESEY) is a residential high school outreach program at Oregon State University (OSU). The SESEY program was founded in 1997 with a  primary focus of exposure and recruitment of traditionally underrepresented students (high school girls and ethnic minorities) who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior years in high school, to careers in science and engineering. These target groups represent over 90% of the more than 500 SESEY participants in the last fourteen years. The students are brought to the Oregon State University campus for a one-week residential summer camp where they are paired with faculty and student mentors in engineering for a mini-research project. What differentiates SESEY from other programs of its kind is that the central activity for the week is approximately 30 hrs spent in a research laboratory on a mini-research project with faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate student mentors. In addition, there are field trips, college and career planning, and the opportunity for students to visit various departments at OSU. Activities are scheduled from 8:00am – 10pm each day, with typically 2 hrs/day of free time for recreational activities. The culmination of the week-long research experience is a poster presentation to peers, parents, friends and OSU faculty and administration.
Contact: Dr. Skip Rochefort, Director, OSU Precollege Programs
Email: skip.rochefort@oregonstate.edu
Website: http://cbee.oregonstate.edu/sesey

Oregon State University
Precollege Programs Summer Camp Schedule

OSU Precollege Programs and associated programs offer a wide range of STEM-based summer programs for K-12 students. Programs are both non-residential day camps as well as several middle and high school level residential programs.  Visit our website for the most current information on all our summer camps and other great programs!
Website: http://oregonstate.edu/precollege/



The Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council
Fairplay: Design and Discovery

Fairplay: Design and Discovery is a design and engineering initiative for girls entering the 7th - 10th grade. It involves girls in the exploration of design and engineering concepts during an interactive two-week day camp program, followed by an optional six-month mentorship experience with a working engineer.
Web site: http://www.girlscoutscrc.org/Girl/Engineering_Science_Tech/Fair_Play/dates_locations.htm

The Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council

Girls ages 9-14! Spend a fun and exciting week building robots out of LEGOS and programming them to perform tasks. Learn how to make robots pull, push and lift objects. Explore motors, gears, and different ways to build robots. Learn how to use light and touch sensors to help a robot explore its environment.
Contact: Ruthe Farmer, Girl Scouts (503-598-6519)
Email: farmerr@juliette.org
Web site: http://www.girlscoutscrc.org/Girl/Engineering_Science_Tech/Lego_Robotics/day_camp.htm