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The Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) is an engineering education company that specializes in providing products for K-12 schools to teach and share the fun of engineering. From curriculum to books, DVDs, kits, apps and other motivational products, we aim to make engineering understandable and accessible to everyone.

The mission of the Engineering Education Service Center is to provide, or help you provide, information resources to promote, guide, and stimulate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) with a particular emphasis on "E"ngineering. We seek to diversify the types of engineers by exposing large numbers of students to the capacity they will have to benefit society.

The EESC has over 10 years experience writing books, manuals, and curriculum to support programs that encourage, motivate and inspire our youth to consider careers in engineering. The EESC can help you meet or exceed your goals, add value to your events or programs, and increase the sustainability of your program.

We strive for the best customer service. We take pride in getting all orders out or responding to inquiries within 24 hrs of our receipt.


Meet our Director

Celeste Baine (celbaine@engineeringedu.com) is a biomedical engineer, Director of the Engineering Education Service Center and the award-winning author of over twenty books on engineering careers and education.


She won the Norm Augustine Award from the National Academy of Engineering (The Norm Augustine award is given to an engineer who has demonstrated the capacity for communicating the excitement and wonder of engineering). She also won the American Society for Engineering Education's Engineering Dean Council's Award for the Promotion of Engineering Education and Careers and is listed on the National Engineers Week website as one of 50 engineers you should meet. The National Academy of Engineering has included Celeste in their Gallery of Women Engineers and she has been named one of the Nifty-Fifty individuals who have made a major impact on the field of engineering by the USA Science and Engineering Festival. Last year, she wrote the training materials to help every K-12 teacher in the State of Oregon use the Engineering Design Process to enhance their teaching of science.


She has spent the past decade advising students and parents on the challenges and benefits of obtaining an engineering degree by providing fun and engaging presentations and workshops for schools, colleges, universities, and organizations. The talks are fun because most people don't know how much you can do with an engineering degree and/or how it can allow you to follow your dreams.

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