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The following camp directory lists some of the summer camps for K-12 students in engineering throughout the United States and Canada that are and were previously offered. The directory lists camps that have been hosted by Universities and research centers in the past. Please note that all camps may not be offered every year and that new camps and programs are currently being added. Old or unsuccessful programs are always being eliminated or modified. A substantial number of programs specifically target minorities, women, and other groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. The programs offered change frequently, and this database is not comprehensive. This is only meant to be a guide to aid your search for engineering education preparation tools. Many of the programs offer scholarships and may have application deadlines as early as January. If you are interested in a program, please email, call or write the organization listed for an application and the most current information available.

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Creative Design at CAD Camp
University of Maine

Come to the University of Maine to learn, play, have fun, and engage in Creative Design at CAD Camp! You'll really get to know your new camp friends on the ropes courses, on the climbing wall, and canoeing. In the computer-aided design sessions you'll get to design something uniquely "you" - our CAD Director, Claude, might have you designing anything from your own bedroom, your own boat, or a still-life setting with framed photos of you or your friends. You'll experience some of the latest in CAD design software for 3D modeling. The computer classroom is air-conditioned with up-to-date computers and "comfy chairs." You'll get lots of individual help from our team of CAD faculty professionals and returning campers who are now engineering students. You'll leave with new computer skills and career training - and you'll have so much fun along the way you'll want to learn more! Scholarship applications available on the web site.
Contact: Lisa Carter, Maine Bound Coordinator, 5795 Maine Bound Adventure Center, Orono, ME 04469 (207-581-1794)
Web site:

The University of Maine
The  SELF Institute
The  SELF Institute is a residential program for Maine’s rural  high  school  students. The three-and-a- half day  program will focus  on the  responsible use of forest  ecosystems as a building block for sustainable and  renewable energy. Students will explore  cutting-edge forest  bioproducts research at the  University of Maine  by participating in demonstrations, hands-on projects and  field trips. Recreational activities at the  New  Balance  Student Recreation Center are  also planned.
Institute activities include:

Contact: Sheila Pendse, Program Development Associate, College of Engineering, 5796 AMC Building, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469 (207-581-2225)
Web site:

UMaine Pulp and Paper Foundation
Consider Engineering

The UMaine Pulp & Paper Foundation's "Consider Engineering" program is offered three times in July to groups of 34 superb high school students who have completed their junior year of study and who are well-suited to becoming engineers. The four-day, free of charge, on-campus "camp" gives students opportunities to experience the rewards and challenges of both college life and technical careers. Students participate in about 20 activities and are introduced to nearly two dozen UMaine faculty, engineers and engineering students. Admission to the program is competitive with about © of the applicants generally being selected to participate.
Contact: Educational Relations Committee, University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation, 5737 Jenness Hall, Orono, Maine 04469-5737 (207-581-2297)
Web site:

The University of Maine, Orono
Maine Summer Transportation Institute (MSTI) for middle school students.

The purpose of the Institute is to create awareness and stimulate interest in students to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in the transportation industry and engineering. The MSTI is funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and is open to students attending public and private schools in the Greater Bangor Area. The Institute is an extremely intense and structured learning opportunity for youth in the middle school systems of Maine. The curriculum exposes students to new frontiers and adventures such as highway design, alternative fuels, construction materials, transportation of people and cargo, intermodalism, laws, regulations, safety, and career opportunities. In addition, students participate in computer training, academic enhancement activities, field trips, and student projects.
Contact: Sheila Pendse, Program Development Associate, College of Engineering, 5796 AMC Building, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469 (207-581-2225)
Web site: