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The following camp directory lists some of the summer camps for K-12 students in engineering throughout the United States and Canada that are and were previously offered. The directory lists camps that have been hosted by Universities and research centers in the past. Please note that all camps may not be offered every year and that new camps and programs are currently being added. Old or unsuccessful programs are always being eliminated or modified. A substantial number of programs specifically target minorities, women, and other groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. The programs offered change frequently, and this database is not comprehensive. This is only meant to be a guide to aid your search for engineering education preparation tools. Many of the programs offer scholarships and may have application deadlines as early as January. If you are interested in a program, please email, call or write the organization listed for an application and the most current information available.

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Iowa State University
Computer Security Summer Camp

Iowa State University, Iowa Chapter of InfraGard, and State of Iowa Department of Administrative Services are collaborating to give juniors and seniors in Iowa High Schools an opportunity to come to ISU for a three day camp to gain knowledge in Computer Security. The camp will be conducted by University Professors in the Security Field, Community Experts, and grad students that are in the security program at ISU. The camp will provide an overview of computer security, educate students on computer networking security concepts, uses of different types of cryptography, and general understanding of how information warfare is conducted. This will be a hands on lab-oriented camp that will provide students an opportunity to work with state of the art equipment and to learn from industrial and academic leaders. Students will work with current technology like firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, and Intrusion Detection Systems. Students will setup security systems, analyze attacks, and see equipment in use.
Contact: Doug Jacobson, Director, Iowa State University, 2419 Coover Hall, ISU , Ames, Iowa 50011 (tel 515-294-8307)
Web site:

Iowa State University
Iowa State Engineering Kids (ISEK)

Attention Future Engineers! ISU is again hosting Engineering Kids Camps this summer! We've added a camp for younger participants and as always, we'll have fun, hands-on engineering. ISEK Camps are a cool way to check out the latest technology, awesome engineering activities, experience campus, not to mention toy around with some amazing robotics. If you think FIRST LEGO League and inventing is cool - wait until you see this! Some potential sessions for ISEK Camps include: LEGO robotics and programming, rocket launching, college tours, tornado simulation, crash force sensors, bridge building, Segway demos, and hands-on exploring of engineering curriculums. Participants can opt to attend both days or select a single day of camp. Registration size is limited. Lunch will be provided for all-day camps. Details about each camp, as well as registration instructions, can be found on our website.
Contact: ISEK, Iowa State University, 409 Marston Hall, Ames, Iowa 50011 (tel 515-294-9965)
Web site: