Welcome to Passport to Engineering


Passport to Engineering is an interactive experience that allows students to explore and learn about engineering careers. This innovative course on engineering careers will allow any instructor, career center or library to exponentially increase student interest and retention in engineering!

This course allows instructors the ultimate in flexibility. Students can learn in a classroom setting or on their own. Using an interactive approach allows for a dynamic, no frills presentation to the student that keeps their attention and allows them to learn about several disciplines in one sitting! When you have them hooked, they can print out a description and list of schools for any of the career disciplines. If you want to have class discussions, that's OK too! Classes can watch the presentation and take the assessment together! Viola! - You are off and running!

With over 100 types of engineering and engineering technology taught in colleges and Universities, there is something for everyone in engineering. We live in a designed world - there are multiple opportunities to combine your interests with engineering to launch a career working with whatever you enjoy.