One Word to Win!

RobotMakerscover801x522Win a copy of Robot Makers!

To enter, send an email to me with just one word that describes a robot. It can be a robot you built or one that you saw. It can be any color and programmed to do any task. What do you think of when you see a robot?

Your entry should be just one word.

You can only enter once.

One winner will be picked at random. Tune in next week on Tuesday morning, October 6, 2015 to see if you take home the prize.

Engineering Innovation Posters

Changmin_OhLast Friday was the conclusion to our 2013 Engineering Innovation poster contest. The purpose of the contest was for students to design posters that will motivate and inspire their peers to consider an engineering career.

We had 149 thoughtful, creative and imaginative entries. I feel like a broken record but the judging has become more difficult each year. With the push in schools for hands-on and project-based learning, engineering has gained a toe hold in classrooms across the world. Students are getting it. They have a much better idea about what engineers do and can also visually express their ideas with strong images, colors and statements.

I’m proud that we run this contest annually. It’s always fun to see all the ideas and provide a conduit for students to inspire each other.

See all the winners.