2011 Statistics

The numbers for last year’s enrollment are out. For all of us involved in outreach – it’s working! Enrollment is up! Give yourself a pat on the back – your blood, sweat and tears are making a difference.

According to the American Society for Engineering Education’s, “Engineering by the Numbers” by Brian Yoder, “Engineering bachelor’s degrees grew by 5.6 percent during 2011, reaching 83,001. Almost all fields grew in the number of graduates produced with the notable exceptions of engineering management, engineering science, and engineering physics, which each saw decreases of around 6 percent. Overall degree totals should increase further in the coming years, since enrollment continued its upward trend in the fall of 2011, posting a 4.8 percent yearly gain to 471,730.”

“Growth in bachelor enrollment was sustained in many fields, with increases of around 10 percent posted this year in biological and agricultural engineering, biomedical engineering, computer science (inside engineering), petroleum engineering, and, interestingly, engineering management. The only field to show a decrease in bachelor enrollment was architectural engineering, in which enrollment decreased 9 percent from last year.”

Yoder goes on to say, “The percentage of women receiving engineering degrees remained about the same as in the previous few years. Females accounted for 18.4 percent of bachelor’s degrees, up slightly from 18.1 percent in 2010.”