I’m Done Pounding

Celeste BaineFor the last 18 years, I’ve worked tirelessly to promote engineering education by showing it as a way to change the world, the best education available, and a viable career option for girls and boys. In this pursuit, I’ve authored 22 books, published three videos, and founded the Mother/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) workshop. I’ve run contests for engineering posters, engineering music, and engineering curriculum. I’ve given keynotes and presentations at over 100 colleges, universities, schools, events and conferences. I’ve won five awards for this work and in return, I’ve traveled to every state and experienced the joy of having a custom-made career that gives back. I’m truly blessed and so thankful for the opportunities provided and for the people I have met along the way.

But now the time has come for a new adventure. I’ve decided to chase the Celeste Watch Company dream to see where it will take me. I will be dismantling the EESC over the rest of the school year. Up until July 2017, I will still be available to facilitate the Mother/Daughter TEA workshop, the Engineering Exploration Day and all of my other teacher trainings. If you want to hold any of these events in the Spring, now is the time to get on my calendar.

However, it is my hope that the Mother/Daughter TEA workshop will find a new home this summer with educators who can fan the fire by traveling to hold TEAs and offering Train-the-Trainer workshops. It is my hope that an educator somewhere who wants to earn side-money will take over the inventory of C’s Blast Packs and offer these turn-key solutions as a way to help schools promote engineering. And it is my hope that the work I’ve done has made a difference in your perspective or career.

If you are interested in running with the torch, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.



Future Engineers Expected in Tulsa

TTT1I’m back in Eugene after several wildly successful days of training teachers and inspiring students in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I trained 23 new teachers to hold Mother/Daughter Engineering Days. The Engineering Day, or TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) workshops, are designed to allow 40 middle school girls and their moms to do hands-on building projects together and learn about engineering careers and opportunities. If you follow my work, you know that this is the best workshop I have ever seen for getting girls interested in engineering. In all, Oklahoma now has 76 certified TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) trainers!

The day following the TEA training, I held an advanced TEA training so the trainers could experience additional activities and find even more ways to excite girls about pursuing an engineering or STEM career.  We completed five additional hands-on activities and shared implementation strategies. The advanced training was developed to help middle and high school educators with no engineering background build upon the activities previously facilitated in a TEA. The advanced training is ideal for those who want to continue working with a select group of mothers and daughters.

We followed-up these two trainings with a Mother/Daughter TEA event on Saturday. Attended by 26 families, the girls and moms moved through the activities while the teachers simultaneously observed, participated and cemented their knowledge on holding TEAs. This was the best scenario for any certified trainer because they are ready to hit the ground running. Not only are they comfortable with the activities and event organization but each school left the training with a toolkit of materials to hold their own events. All of the materials, handouts, prizes and instructions are included.

To make the best use of my time, I also gave the lunchtime keynote to 400 girls who attended a Sonia Kovalevsky Day celebration (she was a famous mathematician) at Tulsa Community College. The girls were engaged and fired-up! Many girls received my book Is There an Engineer Inside You? as a prize and I signed many copies.

Tulsa really rolled-out the red carpet for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better reception!

This area should be unstoppable for getting girls on the fast track to a STEM career.

Girls, parents learn about engineering

ferristeaThe Mother/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) Workshop is simply the best event I have ever seen at getting girls interested in engineering. Designed for middle school girls, the STEM workshop strives to educate girls and their mothers and/or fathers about the abundant opportunities in engineering and all fields of technology.

If you aren’t already holding events like this, drop everything and position yourself to hold one this upcoming Spring. Spring is a good time because students and parents are looking ahead, thinking about classes, and reviewing options for next year. I have facilitated this event in both the Fall and Spring. The majority of workshops, held in the Spring, are sold out.

I started this month at Ferris State University. The event was held for 8th-11th grade girls. Two weeks from the kickoff, with only 40 slots available, we had six families on the waiting list. This event was special because the University president stopped by to show his support, the admissions department talked about scholarships, and after the workshop, when the girls were very excited about engineering and technology careers, the administration took the mother/daughter teams on a tour of the school. It was a jam-packed day of learning and exploring.

From there, I traveled to Weber State University for our annual event. Weber State University has held these events every year for the last six years. In fact, it is so popular that we now hold two events – a mini event on Friday night and the regular TEA on Saturday. Each time, they pack the house with girls that are interested in engineering and technology careers.

As I reflect on the three workshops, read over emails from happy parents, and download the photos, I couldn’t be happier about the lives we touched.

Find out more about holding a Mother or Parent /Daughter Workshop your community.


PowerPack Power

Today’s the big day! It’s the day that you can get an amazing variety of resources to help you introduce engineering and engineering technology to your students.

The Engineering PowerPack:  A Career Presentation Bundle, is ready!

The PowerPack includes presentations on 32 types of engineering and engineering technology that students can watch independently and a fully editable teaching presentation for introducing the different branches of engineering. Each disc also includes a short quiz and a career handout.

teacher-cdOne of the most powerful aspects of this 32 CD set is that there is no limit to how much you can edit the teaching version and no limit to what you can do with it after the editing. Say that you want to give a presentation on civil, manufacturing, or biomedical engineering and you have a few notes but not enough to give a 15-20 minute introduction. Now you have a solution: Put in the disk, transfer the teacher version to your computer, add your notes, sprinkle in your ideas, change a few pictures, add your slides and Viola! You now have a 15-20 minute presentation on any of the 32 types of engineering and technology. You can give this presentation to your class, post in on your server for students to download and/or provide handouts to your audience. As long as you have customized the presentation, you are welcome to post it online for your students. This set is made for middle and high school teachers but by editing the teaching version, it can suit any level of student. The slides are unique, highly graphic and colorful. See samples

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