ITEEA Booth 230

If you are going to ITEEA next week, stop by to say hello.

I’ll be in booth 230, right across from PLTW. I’m giving away free pins to everyone who tells me they read this blog each week.

I’ll also be giving a presentation on Thursday in the Exhibitor Showcase from 12:00-12:50 about Passport to Engineering – ways to use it and how it can benefit your students. We’ll be giving away freebies and by attending, you also have the chance to win a free copy.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Relating Daily Life to Engineering

One of my favorite things about Passport to Engineering is the ability to help students relate their favorite things to various engineering and engineering technology fields. For example, if a student likes music, the course directs them to a page that shows the most common types of engineers that work in the music industry. Other selections include playing video games; playing sports; going to movies; communicating with friends via IM, Twitter, FaceBook, FaceTime, etc; enjoying fashion; working with animals; working in medicine; working for NASA and many others.

Comparison of Ways to Get Started Using Passport to Engineering

Online Access DVD Version (no longer available)
This option allows you to get going right away. Covers 33 different types of engineering and engineering technology, career handouts, personality and academic assessments, career navigation based on interests, engineering themed puzzles and games, books and videos.Each student is given login credentials to keep track of their passport stamps.Purchase courses individually using PayPal on the course website or as a package using our shopping cart.

Bonus! Automatic extensions for one year! Purchase the complete online version and be automatically enrolled in any new courses added during the year.

Try Telecommunications Engineering for Free

Passport to Engineering is a one-time fee. Once you complete your purchase, you can use it for life.


Passport to Engineering

Passport to EngineeringBig news today! At long last, Passport to Engineering is here!

Passport to Engineering will help students understand engineering and engineering technology in a whole new way.

In Passport to Engineering, students will watch a short video on a specific discipline, take a short test and when they pass the test, they’ll receive a stamp in their passport. Get all 33 stamps and they’ll receive a certificate of travel proving that they’ve been to all of the engineering and engineering technology destinations.

Passport to Engineering includes:

  • Flights to 27 engineering and 6 engineering technology destinations. Includes:
    • a 2-4 minute video
    • career handout with career description, salary information, job outlook, industries with the highest levels of employment, and the top paying industries
    • a list of ABET programs/schools for that discipline
    • a review quiz (4 questions)
    • Passport Stamp upon successful completion of review
    • discipline specific puzzles and games.
  • Flights based on what you like to do – this option offers career track suggestions.
  • A personality test to gauge if engineering is a good fit.
  • An academic challenge to gauge your academic readiness.
  • Engineering career books for further investigation.
  • Engineering videos (Engineers Can Do Anything, Women in Engineering and The Road Ahead).


Online Access – This option allows you to get going right away. Purchase courses individually or as a package. Covers 33 different types of engineering and engineering technology. Two free courses can get you started quickly.

Try it out and let me know how you like it!