Engineers Week

Electric-Guitar-pinAs 2016 begins, Engineers Week is right around the corner. The dates this year are February 21-27.

This is a chance to celebrate engineering and technology with thousands of like-minded people all over the world.

If you are a teacher, read the blog post titled “Five Things Teachers Can Do Right Now” to make the most of the celebration.

If you want to decorate the halls, put up some posters. The majority were designed by students and I promise you will find many that you like. Visit:

If you run contests or competitions and need inexpensive student prizes, check out our colorful and fun engineering pins.

If you want to do easy, fun, and high-engagement hands-on activities with students, take a look at Teaching Engineering Made Easy and The Big Book of Engineering Challenges for activity ideas and inspiration.

If you are an engineer planning to visit a classroom, take a look at our eWeek kits to make your visit memorable and dynamic.

To find out more about engineering and learn ways to celebrate, visit: Discover Engineering.

Whatever you do, just be sure to celebrate. The week runs from Feb 21-27, 2016.