Professional Development Opportunity

I’m about to make the most amazing offer that I’ve ever made.

It’s free and there are no strings attached.

You even get to take home an Engineering PowerPack and classroom materials kits such as the Prosthetic Hand and Protect Your Noggin. Almost $600 worth of materials totally free. Are you in?

There are only 10 instructor slots available. First come, first serve.

Program Name: GLEE (Girls Love Exploring Engineering) Summer Camp and Simultaneous Professional Development

How it works:  On Monday, you will learn several activities while the girls do ice breakers, watch videos and interact with other facilitators, a college engineering student and several high school students.  From Tuesday-Friday, armed with the activities you learned and constructed on Monday, you team facilitate the activities with the girls. During the week, when the girls have a field trip, watch videos, or listen to panel discussions (basically every spare minute), you go back into training. When the girls go home, we will refine the activities and discuss integration into your classroom or situation.

Historically, by the last day of the camp, 95% of the girls said they wanted to be engineers! You will go back to your classroom with increased confidence and bundles of materials to implement more engineering education into your instruction.

Audience: Late Elementary, Middle and Early High School Teachers, 5 days- 7 hours each day.

Location: Memorial High School, Tulsa, OK

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