Engineer Poem

A student, inspired by my book, Is There an Engineer Inside You? wrote a poem that was featured in A Celebration of Poets – California Grades 7-12. To my delight, she mailed me an autographed copy of the book with a sticky note highlighting her page. Below is her poem. She would be in 11th grade now – I wonder if she still wants to be an engineer?


“I wanna be an engineer so flippin’ bad”

I’d learn all the math I’d never had

I wanna be on the cover of Science magazine

Standing next to Einstein, that’s my dream

And every time I close my eyes, they’re handing me the Nobel Prize

A different lecture every day, you’ll pray, I’ll say,

“The world will look so clear, the day I’m an engineer!”

I’ll be studying biology and making no apology

That my intense theology is saving our geology

The world will be a better place, ’cause I am keeping up the pace

To serve the poor and human race; the scientists are in my face

Asking me what’s in my brain and how I’ve stayed so very sane

Through countless hours not in vane, ’cause my life’s work is “Cure Your Pain.”

I’m global with experiment; I turn down worthless merriment

My focus is to make a dent repairing all the detriment

So keep me in your watchful eye, I promise friends, I’ll save the sky

And one day with relief you’ll sigh,

“She went and solved the complex task that government had tried to mask.”

And now, our world, will surely bask in what I made inside my flask

Remorseful tears that weep so bad are memories of what we had

My billboard will proclaim the ad, “I wanna be an engineer so flippin’ bad”

Daniela, Grade 8

Twin Peaks Middle School