Goodbye Posters

If you haven’t noticed yet, there are no posters in the EESC store any more.

stempostersbanner3 Today and all of May is the Grand Opening Celebration of

I felt the poster contest we hold each year needed new energy and a broader scope. From that search, was born. The posters are now a fundraiser for the Circuit Chargers Robotics team at the Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial High School in Tulsa, OK. The Circuit Chargers are also known as FIRST Robotics Team 932. (FIRST = For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). The mission of is to provide quality graphics related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) that will inspire today’s youth to learn more about these interesting and lucrative subjects.

So please take a look, bookmark the site and visit often as robotics, science, technology, engineering and math posters are added over time.

Jailhouse Teaching

I was happy to receive a notice yesterday that one of the teachers that came to three of my professional development workshops in Tulsa is using the Indy Card Car (mechanical engineering) activity from Teaching Engineering Made Easy to inspire her students.

A lesson from jail: Teacher goes into Tulsa Jail to help young prisoners get an education – Tulsa World: Education.

Hands-on activities have traditionally been good for keeping at-risk students engaged in school. Not only does Sherry Knight have the challenge of facilitating the activity, she also has tool constraints because, as she said, “you can’t use scissors in jail.”

Keep up the good work Sherri!

Presentations and Workshops

For 14 years, I’ve been providing presentations at various conferences and events. When I first started writing books, I never guessed this would become such a big part of what I do. I’m so lucky that I’m a gifted speaker. I’m fortunate that I can get up in front of 700 people and “sparkle” as one lady told me. I get energy from the audience and actually begin to calm down once I start talking. I know this is a gift.

Statistics from The Institute of Mental Health state:

Fear of Public Speaking Statistics Data
Fear of public speaking is known as Glossophobia
Percent of people who suffer from speech anxiety 74 %
Percent of women who suffer from speech anxiety 75 %
Percent of men who suffer from speech anxiety 73 %
Number of Americans who have a social phobia 5.3 Million
Number of Americans who have a fear of crowded or public places 3.2 Million

podium1Last year, I spoke at The University of Tennessee’s 175th Anniversary for the College of Engineering. It was an amazing event!  After being delayed more than 24 hours in route, I managed to make it to the event only 15 minutes late. When it was my chance to speak and I looked out at the crowd of 700+ people, I felt the calm come over me and suddenly knew what I had to say and why it was so important. My message is strong and unwavering. The bottom line? An engineering education is the best education that anyone can get. It teaches you how to think and solve problems. These skills help everywhere you go and in everything that you do. Engineers can do anything!

Check out for more about my presentations and workshops. I can help make your event memorable and successful.