Parent/Daughter Day at Weber State University

Born to Rock creations from activity in Teaching Engineering Made Easy 2.

Born to Rock creations from activity in Teaching Engineering Made Easy 2.

Friday and Saturday I facilitated two Parent/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) Workshops at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. If you follow this blog, you have probably heard about my Mother/Daughter TEA workshops. Last weekend’s workshop was the same event except we open it to any parent that wants to attend with their daughter. Sometimes Moms come, sometimes Dads, and sometimes both parents attend. In this particular workshop, a Mom or a Dad attended with their middle school daughter and they completed engineering projects together. It was a great opportunity for families to learn about engineering careers. Not only did the middle school daughter learn about all that she can do with an engineering degree but her parents also learned that she can do it. They probably also saw that she was or could be good at it.

In the workshops, three amazing things happened:

1. A Dad told me that his older daughter attended our first workshop four years ago and became very excited about being an engineer. She just received a full ride scholarship to University of Utah to study electrical engineering! He was attending again with his younger daughter.

2. A 12-year old girl enjoyed the engineering challenge activity “Born to Rock” (in picture above) so much that she wants to do it at her birthday party.

3. Two Moms approached me about going back to school to become engineers. Did I think it was a good idea for them?

This workshop is the best I’ve ever seen at getting girls excited about engineering. Having parents attend and work on projects with their daughters supports her efforts not only during the workshop but also at home.

Information about holding a Mother/Daughter TEA at your location.

Engineering Innovation Posters

Changmin_OhLast Friday was the conclusion to our 2013 Engineering Innovation poster contest. The purpose of the contest was for students to design posters that will motivate and inspire their peers to consider an engineering career.

We had 149 thoughtful, creative and imaginative entries. I feel like a broken record but the judging has become more difficult each year. With the push in schools for hands-on and project-based learning, engineering has gained a toe hold in classrooms across the world. Students are getting it. They have a much better idea about what engineers do and can also visually express their ideas with strong images, colors and statements.

I’m proud that we run this contest annually. It’s always fun to see all the ideas and provide a conduit for students to inspire each other.

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