Teaching Engineering Made Easy!

teme2ndThe engineering activity book, Teaching Engineering Made Easy: A Friendly Introduction to Engineering Activities for Middle School Teachers is being released in an 2nd edition! Updated and improved, it features activities for Chemical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering as well as team building and problem solving too. Each type of engineering also includes content on engineering careers so that you can inspire students to do their best by showing them not only how much money they can make right out of college but also what they can do with an engineering education (if desired, these pages are also reproducible as student handouts). By using this teaching guide, students can see that engineering is not something to be afraid of but a realistic way to solve the problems of everyday life.

This easy and exciting time and work saving book was developed to help middle and high school teachers with no engineering background teach engineering. It gives classroom teachers an easy and dynamic way to meet curriculum standards and competencies. You’ll find the lessons and activities to actively engage students in learning about engineering and our technological world by applying creativity and innovation as they complete the projects. The activities do not require a formal science lab and can be done with materials that are inexpensive and easy to find.

Each lesson includes background information, ITEEA and NSTA Standards Alignment, a list of materials needed to complete the activity, an easy-to-follow procedure for presenting the lesson, teacher notes, reproducible student sheets, and safety notes. Activities range from 20 minute problem solving exercises to several class period design or “challenge” activities.

Because I want you to be successful in the classroom, I have a few special offers.

1.    For every educator that orders this new edition before the publication date, you will also receive three PowerPoint presentations that you can use in class to explain about chemical, civil and mechanical engineering careers. They are colorful, engaging, and designed to save you time.

2.   A few years, ago, I wrote a book called, Engineers Make a Difference: Motivating Students to Pursue an Engineering Education with a Foreword by Cary Sneider. Because these books go hand-in-hand, everyone will receive a rebate certificate to receive a free copy! When you receive your order of Teaching Engineering Made Easy, just fill out the rebate certificate and mail it to us. We’ll ship your copy of Engineers Make a Difference right away for free.

3.       Last but not least, we have created several new activities for this new edition. I wanted the book to be more dynamic and fun. I prefer projects that are visual, make noise, fly, and move, so this updated edition reflects my passion in building. However, in the end, I found that we had several “spare” activities that are really good but we couldn’t fit them in the update. I’ve decided that everyone who purchases the new book will also receive all of the spare activities for free.

So order this updated and improved second edition today! You’ll receive three PowerPoint presentations (for Chemical, Civil and Mechanical engineering careers), a free copy of Engineers Make a Difference and a stash of extra engineering activities. You really can’t lose!

You can read the reviews, see the table of contents and watch my video trailer online.

Thanks for what you are doing to get kids interested in engineering!