The Green Engineer

It’s finally here! My new book, “The Green Engineer: Engineering Careers to Save the Earth” is available for pre-order. There is a special pre-publication price right now and you’ll be able to get a copy before it’s released by bookstores.

In addition, every educator that orders the book before the publication date will also receive a PowerPoint presentation on green engineering careers that you can use to talk to students about green engineering. It’s colorful and designed to save you time. As an extra bonus, on this particular PowerPoint, there are no copyright restrictions – it’s yours to use freely. You can edit it, pass it around or post it online – it’s up to you.

Back Cover: The opportunities to combine engineering with sustainability and environmental stewardship in a “green collar” career are skyrocketing. Engineers trained in aerospace, civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical, chemical, manufacturing, marine, ocean, agricultural, biological, computer, and software engineering (among others) make a difference everyday in their fields.
Green engineering is about designing a more thoughtful future—one that considers people and a healthy planet as much as the bottom line. Green engineers work hard to protect our scarce natural resources and care deeply about all of the creatures that inhabit our fragile world. They concentrate on delivering better environmental conditions for the public through knowledge, research, a caring attitude, and common sense.

You will learn:

  • About the abundant opportunities in solar, wind, hydropower, bio, geothermal and ocean energy.
  • About the opportunities creating greener transportation.
  • How engineers are creating buildings and houses that can keep you healthy.
  • How engineers are involved in natural resources management.
  • How engineers are protecting our air, food and water supplies.
  • How you can change the world as an engineer.

Because sustainability is greatly needed, green engineering is a fast-growing field that offers a chance to protect the health and safety of people and our planet. The Green Engineer will help you find your dream job—a career that is not only good for the environment but good for you too!

If my daughter told me she wanted to be a structural engineer…

This negative/sexist article appeared in the January issue of Structural Engineering magazine. It was written by Mark Zweig, the editor of the magazine. If it were up to him to encourage students (especially girls) to become engineers, we would be in sad shape as a country.

Click on the link above to read the article. Below is my response in an email that I sent to him personally.

Let me start by saying that I was appalled and distressed by your approach to handling your daughter’s theoretical request to become a structural engineer.

My name is Celeste Baine and I am the author of several books on engineering careers for students. I run a blog about marketing engineering education and saw your article because a few of my subscribers sent messages complaining about it.

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The Best Book on Civil Engineering Careers

From Sundaes to Space Stations is the best book on civil engineering in the marketplace. The title may seem misleading but within the pages, you will find an engineer that built a giant ice cream sundae (38’x54’x20′) as the facade of an ice cream shop that operates under the giant structure and another civil engineer that designs space structures. The book is an excellent modern day reference to civil engineering that gets kids excited because of its encouraging yet down-to-earth spin.

Written by Reed Brockman, the ASCE Outreach guru and chair of its Committee on Public Awareness and Outreach, From Sundaes to Space Stations will definitely surprise you by pointing out all that you can do with a civil engineering degree. Civil engineering is one of the oldest professions and there will always be jobs for the builders of civilization.

Interesting highlights:

  • Great explanation of the engineering design process
  • Profile of an engineer that joined Engineers without Borders
  • Profile of an engineer that works at a law firm
  • Profile of an engineer that does underwater structural inspections in SCUBA gear
  • A description of the ice cream structure that is covered with 60,000 pounds of jelly beans (25 million jelly beans) and how it was built
  • What civil engineers do everyday
  • Sections on geotechnical, environmental, structural, transportation and traffic engineering

To show you how much I love this book, I am offering a few really special deals for you to inspire students and get them to think about a civil engineering career.

  1. Purchase 1 copy and get a FREE Civil Engineering Careers PowerPoint that you can use in class to explain about civil engineering careers. Its colorful, engaging, and designed to save you time. (Download instructions will be emailed when order is processed.) Even if you buy this book at Amazon, I’ll still send you the PowerPoint.
  2. Purchase 1 case (56 books) and get a Bonus Set of Civil Engineering Posters for FREE! Posters are colorful, motivational and designed by students for students!
  3. Purchase 2 cases (112 books) and get a Bonus 25 Student Civil Engineering Laboratory for FREE! Great for after school programs, summer programs and events.

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We should just call March Civil Engineering Month because the sale will end on March 31. Order your books today! You won’t regret it.