Customized Engineering Career Books

ITAEIY4_300x450This Fall, you can get copies of Is There an Engineer Inside You?, the leading book on engineering and engineering technology career information, with your logo on the front and back covers for up to 70% off the retail price and support a good cause at the same time.

We only offer this discount in August to take advantage of volume pricing.

If you have you been trying to introduce more students to engineering or trying to recruit more students into your program, this is a great opportunity for you to save time and money.

The fourth year of the 100,000 Book Give-Away Program is on the horizon. The goal of the program is to give away 100,000 books to students, teachers, and school counselors over a five year period.

Advantages of being an outreach partner:

  • Each partner will receive 300+ books with their logo on the front and back covers.
  • Each partner will receive a customized pdf copy for their website.
  • Books are only $7.35 each! That’s over 70% off! There is no other cost saving opportunity like this and it’s only offered once a year.
  • Each partner’s website will be included on the cover page of the website edition and in the acknowledgements of the print edition.
  • After the initial printing, partners can purchase additional books (no logo) for only $5 each.
  • Piggyback on a National Media Campaign and gain greater exposure for your program(s).

This year, as part of the Book Give-Away Program, a 5th Edition will be released! Right now, the book covers 41 types of engineering. The 5th edition will cover 45 types and also include expanded sections on women and minorities in engineering.

By partnering with Universities and organizations who want to promote engineering careers and motivate students to pursue engineering, to date, we have given away close to 50,000 copies! Books have been donated to schools, libraries, guidance counselors and teachers; distributed at engineering competitions, events, conferences and workshops; and are available as downloads from some partner websites.

Is There an Engineer Inside You? can reinforce your message by building on the information you share about what engineers, technologists and technicians do, helping explain the differences between engineering and engineering technology, and showing that engineering and engineering technology are degree paths that can lead to fulfilling careers.

For the first time, you can also now order smaller quantities of Is There an Engineer Inside You? with your logo on the front and backs covers at a discount by joining in the printing in August.

Early Bird Bonus – This renewal offer is coming early to help me manage the program. With 300+ requests for free books last year, I was overwhelmed. To give you an incentive to help, if you renew or join by June 5, you will receive an extra 10 books at no additional cost!

We only have two years left and 50,000 books to go! Become a partner today and by working together, we can ensure that every K-12 student has this valuable resource with your branding front and center. It’s a win-win.

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100K Book Give-Away

ITAEIY4_300x450Have you been trying to introduce more students to engineering or technology?
Have you have been trying to recruit more students into your program?
Have you wanted to share information about what engineers, technologists or technicians do?
Do you regularly explain the differences between engineering and engineering technology?

If you nodded in agreement to any of these questions, the 100,000 Book Give-Away program can help you save time and reach your goals.

If you think that engineering and technology are degree paths that can lead to fulfilling careers, this program will reinforce your message.

Year four of the 100,000 Book Give-Away program is on the horizon. The goal of this five-year program is to give away at least 100K copies of Is There an Engineer Inside You?, the leading career guide for engineering and engineering technology. By partnering with Universities and organizations who want to promote engineering careers and motivate students to pursue engineering, to date, we have given away close to 50,000 copies. Books have been donated to schools, libraries, guidance counselors and teachers; distributed at engineering competitions, events, conferences and workshops; and are available as downloads from some partner websites.

The 100K Book Give-Away is an amazing program designed to help you easily expand your outreach, save money, save time, and provide a proven reference to students, parents, educators, counselors and mentors in your community. Deadline to become a partner is August 8, 2016.

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Future Engineers Expected in Tulsa

TTT1I’m back in Eugene after several wildly successful days of training teachers and inspiring students in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I trained 23 new teachers to hold Mother/Daughter Engineering Days. The Engineering Day, or TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) workshops, are designed to allow 40 middle school girls and their moms to do hands-on building projects together and learn about engineering careers and opportunities. If you follow my work, you know that this is the best workshop I have ever seen for getting girls interested in engineering. In all, Oklahoma now has 76 certified TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude) trainers!

The day following the TEA training, I held an advanced TEA training so the trainers could experience additional activities and find even more ways to excite girls about pursuing an engineering or STEM career.  We completed five additional hands-on activities and shared implementation strategies. The advanced training was developed to help middle and high school educators with no engineering background build upon the activities previously facilitated in a TEA. The advanced training is ideal for those who want to continue working with a select group of mothers and daughters.

We followed-up these two trainings with a Mother/Daughter TEA event on Saturday. Attended by 26 families, the girls and moms moved through the activities while the teachers simultaneously observed, participated and cemented their knowledge on holding TEAs. This was the best scenario for any certified trainer because they are ready to hit the ground running. Not only are they comfortable with the activities and event organization but each school left the training with a toolkit of materials to hold their own events. All of the materials, handouts, prizes and instructions are included.

To make the best use of my time, I also gave the lunchtime keynote to 400 girls who attended a Sonia Kovalevsky Day celebration (she was a famous mathematician) at Tulsa Community College. The girls were engaged and fired-up! Many girls received my book Is There an Engineer Inside You? as a prize and I signed many copies.

Tulsa really rolled-out the red carpet for me! I couldn’t have asked for a better reception!

This area should be unstoppable for getting girls on the fast track to a STEM career.

Celeste Baine | Meet the engineers | Be An Engineer

Exxon Mobile began the Be An Engineer Program last year to inspire and prepare students to become engineers. They have many profiles of engineers (myself included), feats of engineering, careers in engineering, information about being an engineer, news about engineering and much more. It’s worth the time to take a look.

A diverse population of innovators benefits us all. Learn why you should #BeAnEngineer.

Source: Celeste Baine | Meet the engineers | Be An Engineer

Advanced Train the Trainer Workshop

Mother/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude)

Advanced Train the Trainer Workshop

Training Date Just Added!

February 19, 2016 – Tulsa, OK

All Certified TEA trainers are welcome to join in this training to take your knowledge and experience to the next level. The Advanced Train the Trainer Workshop builds on the projects and activities from the first training. Only participants who have attended the first training may come to the advanced training.

A Parent/Child TEA event will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2016 to reinforce the training.sumner1

Trainees receive:

  • Customized Materials for their Toolkits
  • 40 copies of Is There an Engineer Inside You?
  • A Jump Drive of Engineering Presentations, Surveys, Literature and Grant Application Resources
  • A Training Binder
  • A Certificate of Completion

The advanced Mother/Daughter TEA training is the next step for trainers. If you want to do more activities and build on what you already know, this is the perfect training for you!

Participants will complete four hands-on activities, take home materials kits for two of the four activities, be provided with a presentation and handouts for parents, and receive surveys and literature for grant applications.

Hands-on activities integrating science concepts, technology skills and tools, and mathematical processes provide contextual learning opportunities in a STEM environment. These activities parallel real-world engineering tasks and problem-solving opportunities. By using this powerful workshop toolkit, you will be able to show both mothers and daughters that engineering is not something to be afraid of but a realistic way to solve the problems of everyday life and a very viable career opportunity! The lessons and activities will actively engage girls in learning about engineering and our technological world by applying creativity and innovation as they complete the projects.

Celeste Baine, the workshop leader, is the winner of the Norm Augustine Award for being one of those rare individuals that can show the wonder and excitement of engineering. She is one of the top speakers on engineering education and motivating students. Celeste will make this workshop an enormous success! She is a high-energy, high content, how-to speaker. You will leave the workshop armed with instructions and materials.

The day includes:

1. Six hours of hands-on instruction

2. Materials and resources for your own workshops:

  • Participants can choose 2 out of 4 materials kits.
  • 40 copies of Is There an Engineer Inside You? for distribution during the TEA
  • Jump drive of engineering presentations, resources, surveys and literature for grant applications.
  • Training Binder (hard copy and electronic)

3. “TEA Advanced Certified Trainer” Certificate

Training Cost: $499/person

Register for Training

Apply to Hold a TEA Workshop facilitated by Celeste Baine | Certified Trainer Toolkit Refills

Engineers Week

Electric-Guitar-pinAs 2016 begins, Engineers Week is right around the corner. The dates this year are February 21-27.

This is a chance to celebrate engineering and technology with thousands of like-minded people all over the world.

If you are a teacher, read the blog post titled “Five Things Teachers Can Do Right Now” to make the most of the celebration.

If you want to decorate the halls, put up some posters. The majority were designed by students and I promise you will find many that you like. Visit:

If you run contests or competitions and need inexpensive student prizes, check out our colorful and fun engineering pins.

If you want to do easy, fun, and high-engagement hands-on activities with students, take a look at Teaching Engineering Made Easy and The Big Book of Engineering Challenges for activity ideas and inspiration.

If you are an engineer planning to visit a classroom, take a look at our eWeek kits to make your visit memorable and dynamic.

To find out more about engineering and learn ways to celebrate, visit: Discover Engineering.

Whatever you do, just be sure to celebrate. The week runs from Feb 21-27, 2016.

Big Book Winners!

BigBookCoverLast week, you had the opportunity to win a free copy of The Big Book of Engineering Challenges by sharing a strategy on my Facebook contest thread that you use to get students interested in learning more about engineering or STEM careers.

And the winners are…

Not many people entered so I’m giving a book away to everyone who posted something!

A big **Thank You!** to those who participated.

Below are the strategies posted by your peers:

  1. We’ve been doing engineering design challenges for many years as part of our NIU STEM Outreach programs. One strategy that we use is to embed the challenge within a narrative that students can relate to. In short, storytelling where they determine the outcome by their ingenuity.
  2. SAME hosts engineering camps through the academies for high school students. Lets them have a chance for hands-on experience & also to network with kids their age from across the country & different backgrounds so they learn why others have an interest in engineering.
  3. Sometimes making it known that scholarships are available helps those who are worried about the cost of an engineering education.
  4. Getting kids, particularly a small group, together working a project that relates closely with another area of interest to them (designing/building a musical instrument, if interested in music, & then discussing how it could be put into wider production, can show how engineering ties into essentially everything we do.
  5. Provide information (such as from the Engineering Education Service Center) to school guidance counselors about engineering careers, particularly in areas underserved for STEM support.
  6. With the parents’ permission, of course, take the student to your workplace (&, if possible, project) to let them see what you do, how you do it, meet & talk with co-workers & then see the project in progress.
  7. Work with the student on a project that directly contributes to her community. Perhaps team with a local school & develop the project idea with their teachers, so some of the in-class experience can support the project too.
  8. I assign fun and relevant engineering challenges for my 7th grade science class every chance I get. Last one was to build an human arm while studying muscular and skeletal systems. We then watched videos and read articles about how engineers develop prosthetics. I believe feeling like an engineer makes engineering careers more approachable for middle schoolers.
  9. I like to teach new vocabulary or present a real world issue to my students then have them come up with ways to fix it. They’re currently trying to build water filters to clean polluted water. A few weeks ago we were learning about buoyancy and density. They designed boats, we sunk them then discussed why some sunk faster than others. They LOVE STEM!
  10. Teaming with another teacher in the school to help the kids develop an engineering solution to an issue in that other subject areas, such as some event in history — find a different way to solve it than what actually happened.
  11. Just to talk with students about engineering + why it’s important.

Lots of good suggestions here.

Recruiting Girls

If you want to engage students and parents, recruit for your engineering classes or motivate students, these workshops are the answer!

Below is table that outlines two events that can help you promote engineering and/or STEM careers. Of those polled, 96% of students that attended say they are now considering an engineering (or STEM) career.

All available dates in 2016 are listed in our new online booking system.

Jump aboard now because the train is already moving.

Parent/Child Workshops!

Engineering Exploration Day (EED)Mother/Daughter TEA (Technology Engineering Aptitude)
Who attendsParent or guardian and middle school son or daughter.

*Ages can range from 5th-10th grade.
Usually Mother and middle school daughter. Can also be a Parent/Daughter Day so that either parent can attend.

*Ages can range from 5th-10th grade.
Number of attendeesUp to 40 teams of parents and children.Up to 40 teams of mothers and daughters.
Time of eventMost often, this event is held on a Saturday morning from 9:00am-1:00pm or 10:00am-2:00pm. Mini sessions can also run from 5:00-8:00pm on any night of the week.Most often, this event is held on a Saturday morning from 9:00am-1:00pm or 10:00am-2:00pm. Mini sessions can also run from 5:00-8:00pm on any night of the week.
Celeste Baine's ResponsibilitiesShe will bring all materials needed to engage no more than 40 parent/child teams in hands-on engineering activities for the entire workshop. Activities are customizable but usually include solving problems, building tabletop hovercrafts, designing catapults, helmets or cranes.

She will also bring prizes, and a copy of Is There an Engineer Inside You? for each student.
She will bring all materials needed to engage no more than 40 mother/daughter teams in hands-on engineering activities for the entire workshop. Activities are customizable but usually include solving problems, building tabletop hovercrafts, designing prosthetic hands, helmets or cranes and placing a band-aid on a Whale.

She will also bring prizes, a take-home engineering kit and a copy of Is There an Engineer Inside You? for each student.
Host Organization's Responsibilities1. Provide the workshop location.
2. Marketing, inviting and registering students and parents.
3. Provide morning snacks and lunch.
1. Provide the workshop location.
2. Marketing, inviting and registering students and parents.
3. Provide morning snacks and lunch.
Host one of these very popular workshops in your community!

In addition, if you want to have many of these workshops at your location (a very good idea), attend one of our Train the Trainer workshops to get on the fast track to offering this extraordinary opportunity. An advanced training is also in the works for 2016.

For more information, download our event planning guide or email Celeste.

Win a Book!

BigBookCoverWin a free copy of The Big Book of Engineering Challenges by sharing a strategy on my Facebook contest thread that you use to get students interested in learning more about engineering or STEM careers. We are giving away five books. The winners will be chosen at random. You can enter once per day. Winners will be announced on Monday, November 16, 2015.

Note: For every 100 comments, I will give away an additional five books! Increase your chance of winning by inviting your friends and colleagues to participate!


Finding a Good Engineering Program

NJITOnce you decide to pursue an engineering or engineering technology education, preparation should begin as soon as possible. On the most basic level, college is designed to open doors. It teaches you how to think, solve ambiguous problems and use the tools of engineering such as design and simulation software – this gets you ready for employment.

There are several approaches to pursue an engineering or engineering technology career. You can attend a community or junior college, vocational school, technical college, state university or other public or private university. Programs range from one year or less for a certificate, two-three years for an associate’s degree and four-five years for a bachelor’s degree. Each path has its advantages and disadvantages. College classes are taught with the expectation that you are willing to do some research on your own and that you are motivated to do so.

Choosing the engineering or engineering technology school that is right for you is as important as wheels are to automobiles. Hundreds of schools offer engineering programs; some schools have engineering dorms, some offer engineering fraternities or sororities, some are inner-city and some are spread out over large distances. The advantages and disadvantages of each school will depend on your personal needs and wants. Important considerations for most college-bound students include location, cost, faculty, school size, and academics. To find a program in the United States, visit ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

The “One Word” Winner

RobotMakerscover801x522Last week you had the opportunity to win a free copy of Robot Makers: An Essential Guide to Choosing a Career in Robotics. All you had to do was respond with one word that described a robot. The winner was chosen at random from all of the entries received.

And the winner is (drum roll please….)

Omar Brown from Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School!

Congratulations Omar!

The words sent in to describe a robot are below. Do any of them change your perception?

  1. Mechanical
  2. Innovative
  3. Useful
  4. KaiZi
  5. Alive
  6. Task-master
  7. Funtastic
  8. Possibilities
  9. Friendly
  10. Automation
  11. Advanced
  12. Beep
  13. Methodical
  14. Droid
  15. Helpful
  16. Intense
  17. Autonomy
  18. Busy
  19. Transform
  20. Ingenuity

One Word to Win!

RobotMakerscover801x522Win a copy of Robot Makers!

To enter, send an email to me with just one word that describes a robot. It can be a robot you built or one that you saw. It can be any color and programmed to do any task. What do you think of when you see a robot?

Your entry should be just one word.

You can only enter once.

One winner will be picked at random. Tune in next week on Tuesday morning, October 6, 2015 to see if you take home the prize.

An Engineer Must Engineer

I’ve been running the EESC in Oregon for 13 years. But the company arose from ashes in Louisiana four years before it officially opened. So yes, for 17 years, I’ve been promoting an engineering education as loudly and as often as possible.

But no matter how much we, as professionals, enjoy what we do, everyone needs to recharge. Professors take sabbaticals, most of the world takes vacations and entrepreneurs start new businesses. I’m taking a step back from the EESC right now with the hopes of taking two steps forward in the future. I’m looking for inspiration that I can bring back to the company.

In life, I crave color combined with precision and beauty. I like beautiful machines, gadgets or devices that move or surprise. That’s probably what drew me to engineering in the first place. Thinking back, my first interest in engineering, (even before The Six Million Dollar Man – my biomedical inspiration) was to become a watchmaker. The consistent rhythm of a clock or watch was comforting.

electroplating2Two weeks ago, I opened Celeste Watch Company. The goal was to make artistic timepieces that are precise and elegant. To infuse more color and technological design in a wrist watch. I wanted to make wearable art using mixed materials on the dial or face of the watch that you don’t normally see.

The learning curve has been enormous – more so that I ever thought possible (but that’s what I wanted.) However, there is a peace that comes over me during the process. Something that happens during design, fabrication and assembly that makes me feel like I’m in a groove, doing what I’m supposed to be doing at exactly the right time. I handcraft the dial with my laser cutter, electroplate vibrant colors in the cases and background of the faces, and sew the leather bands by hand. I smile every time I make one.

But never fear, the EESC isn’t going anywhere. In fact, you can expect to see more “time” related activities in the future – starting with “Pacing a Pendulum” in The Big Book of Engineering Challenges. And how about a kinetic sculpture kit? If it’s based on time, you will probably see it here very soon.

Good News!

BigBookCoverGood news today! The Big Book of Engineering Challenges is shipping tomorrow! That’s a few days earlier than expected! Thank you to everyone who placed preorders! The response to this book has been so good that we are almost out of the free engineering activity books you can get with your preorder. There are just a few electrical and aerospace books left so if you want one, be sure to order right away. The free book offer is good until July 31 at midnight.

In the near future, look for materials kits that go along with some of our favorite projects in The Big Book of Engineering Challenges. Because eighty-five percent of this book are brand new, never seen before activities, your next school year is going to be more fun and enticing for students as you dig in and widen your activity base.

And don’t forget, if you’d like to supercharge your engineering instruction, we also offer professional development that goes along with The Big Book of Engineering Challenges. It’s a chance to hit the ground running, increase your confidence in engineering design and/or get different ideas and perspectives. These jam-packed and fast-paced workshops are dynamic, inspiring, cost effective and fun!

Ethnic Makeup of the Engineering Student Body is Slowly Changing

Hispanics and Asian-Americans increase their share of undergraduates.

A comparison of undergraduate enrollment data drawn from the 2005 and 2014 ASEE Profiles surveys indicates that engineering programs in the United States have grown more ethnically diverse over the past decade. While the proportion of Caucasians, the largest group, has declined from 62 percent in 2005 to 56 percent in 2014, Hispanics and Asian Americans – but not African Americans – slightly increased their share in the entering full-time undergraduate student population. African Americans’ share shrank by 1 percentage point between 2005 and 2014.

Source: June 2015 ASEE Connections Newsletter


Penram-editionIt’s official! As of May 10, 2015 my book Is There an Engineer Inside You? is available in an Asian Edition in India. It was published by Penram International Publishing in Mumbai.

This is a feather in my cap and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the opportunity. However, the resounding message, the loudest trumpet, and practical encouragement from this good fortune is to remember to follow your dreams. If you write a book and all publishers refuse to publish it, prominent people refuse to write a Foreword, reviews tell you it won’t sell or isn’t needed — if you believe in what you are doing strongly enough, the fruits of your labors will eventually ripen and roll downhill.

My celebration will continue all summer long.

Professional Development Opportunity

I’m about to make the most amazing offer that I’ve ever made.

It’s free and there are no strings attached.

You even get to take home an Engineering PowerPack and classroom materials kits such as the Prosthetic Hand and Protect Your Noggin. Almost $600 worth of materials totally free. Are you in?

There are only 10 instructor slots available. First come, first serve.

Program Name: GLEE (Girls Love Exploring Engineering) Summer Camp and Simultaneous Professional Development

How it works:  On Monday, you will learn several activities while the girls do ice breakers, watch videos and interact with other facilitators, a college engineering student and several high school students.  From Tuesday-Friday, armed with the activities you learned and constructed on Monday, you team facilitate the activities with the girls. During the week, when the girls have a field trip, watch videos, or listen to panel discussions (basically every spare minute), you go back into training. When the girls go home, we will refine the activities and discuss integration into your classroom or situation.

Historically, by the last day of the camp, 95% of the girls said they wanted to be engineers! You will go back to your classroom with increased confidence and bundles of materials to implement more engineering education into your instruction.

Audience: Late Elementary, Middle and Early High School Teachers, 5 days- 7 hours each day.

Location: Memorial High School, Tulsa, OK

Register Here

Engineering and STEM Resources

On our website, in addition to Kits, Blast Packs, Books, DVDs, Rubber Stamps, Pins, Presentations and Labs are resources for students, parents, teachers, schools, and mentors. With summer on the horizon, now is a great time to explore engineering career paths and supporting opportunities.

Summer Camp Directory – If you have a camp you want to add to the list, simply send us a listing, formatted similar to the others, and we will post it. There is no cost for camps or families.

Competitions – K-12 engineering, robotics and technology competitions.

Engineering Scholarships – This page will always be under construction as new scholarships become available and current scholarship are awarded. Bookmark this page so you can come back often and check for recently available opportunities! If you know of any available scholarships not listed on this page email us and we will list it here.

Women in Engineering Programs – Directory of colleges with Women in Engineering program offices.

Directory of Engineering Programs – There are many factors to consider when choosing a college program. One of the most important is whether or not that program is accredited. Accreditation assures that a program has met certain quality standards. To employers, graduate schools, and licensure and certification boards, graduation from an accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into the profession. In fact, many of these groups require graduation from an accredited program as a minimum qualification.

Directory of Engineering Technology Programs – Directory of colleges that offer associate and bachelor degrees in engineering technology.

Engineering Society Directory – Find support, scholarships and guidance for your degree choice.

Other Links and Resources to All Things Engineering – Everything else!

Call for Reviewers

RobotMakerscover801x522Would you be interested in reviewing Robot Makers? If you have a blog, a newsletter, magazine, ezine or website and would be willing to write and publish a review of this new book, just drop me an email with your address and I’ll send a copy your way.

If you want the book, along with a PowerPoint you can customize and use to talk about careers in robotics, order from the EESC before May 1st.